For the purposes of this document, “we” and "our" refers to Fipe Web Design.

Fipe Web Design is committed to ensuring the confidentiality and safety of all personal information provided to us through the use of this website or otherwise.

Your Information

  1.  We will not disclose any personal information except where it is necessary to comply with the law and/or to protect our rights, safety and property.
  2.  We will not trade, rent or sell your personal information.
  3.  We do not use cookies to store any of your personal information.
  4.  We may use your information to analyse website trends and improve the website.

Internet Explorer 6

Fipe Web Design does not provide support for Internet Explorer 6. While it may have kicked butt back in the day, those days are long since gone. It also has tons of security problems and is much more susceptible to browser hijacking, key loggers, back door attacks etc.

Asides from the security issues, IE6 does not provide full support for current web technologies (e.g CSS2, transparency in .png files) let alone new browser technologies such as CSS3 & HTML5.

IE6 was released in August 2001 and is essentially out of date in the modern digital world of apps, mobile browsing etc.

If you wish to continue using Internet Explorer then please upgrade to the latest version of IE or Microsoft Edge if you are running Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Windows 10.

Last word on the issue is reserved for Ryan Gavin, Microsoft's senior director of Internet Explorer who says: 
"IE6 was built for a very different web at a very different time, a modern web does require a modern browser. My aim is to get IE6's market share to zero as fast as humanly possible."

If like us you are fans of a modern web then please upgrade your browser to a later version of IE using the link provided above.