Charity Web Design

Get charity web design that looks and works great on every device… AND comes with free ongoing support and maintenance.

Whether your charity is large or small, local or international, a well designed charity website:

  • Showcases their mission and purpose in an engaging way
  • Attracts more supporters to help fund and volunteer for their essential services
  • Serves and supports more of their intended communities

We understand the immense value of the work charities do, the importance of that work to our communities, and the lasting impact on all the lives that are changed for the better. We’re proud of the web design work we’ve done for charities in the decade since our founding and how we’ve been able to contribute to their missions.

Ready to take your charity to the next level?

Enter your contact details in the form below and lets discuss your mission and how Fipe can help with a freshly designed website.

    More Than Charity Web Design

    Fipe Web Design’s approach is more than just graphics and colors; we also look at functionality and development needs that match what our charity web design clients would typically need their website to do.

    Typically charity websites are about having an online presence with the ability to:

    • Disseminate information about their cause to recruit support
    • Collect monetary donations
    • Connect with recipients in need of their services

    It’s essential that each of these goals (and any others each charity may have) has the functionality to support it.

    Whether you need to improve fundraising, spread the word about your mission, engage with a wider audience of supporters, or any other goal, we can help your charity throughout the entire process.

    Fipe Web Design wants you to have the means to raise support, easily manage and edit content, and ultimately grow your charity.

    Our team takes great care to make sure that your project goals are well understood and your expectations exceeded. Our charity web design and web development approaches are collaborative and devised to work with you every step of the way.

    Free maintenance on all charity web design services

    We believe that simply walking away at the end of a project is a dereliction of duty on our part. Once your site is created and deployed your staff need to learn to use and update it, that’s why we continue to provide consultations, backups, and security upgrades for your website… because we’re dedicated to helping your charity’s online presence continue to grow in the long-term.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Can we update the website in-house?

    Your charity web design will be built with in-house updates in mind, ensuring that you can easily edit the site without having to rely on any 3rd parties to make any necessary changes. We offer free ongoing maintenance services, including consultations and training for the nominated members of your team. We’re always available by phone or email when you have any questions.

    Do we need a license to use the CMS?

    No, We use open-source content management systems (CMS) with all our charity web designs. This means that the software is free to us and does not require you to purchase a license.

    Common CMS platforms we work with (and some of our personal favourites) are WordPress, CMS Made Simple, Umbraco, Joomla, and Drupal.

    How Long Will it Take to Build Our Charity Website?

    Based on the nuanced nature of each site, there is not a fixed timeline. Fipe Web Design will need to make an assessment that is dependent on the scope of the project, volume of customised features, and any challenges posed for each specific web design or build. On average, our charity web design projects take between 4 to 12 weeks to complete.

    Enter your contact info above and we’ll have a chat about your project and agree on a scope, how we’ll work together to achieve your charity’s goals, and an accurate timeline.

    How Much Does Charity Web Design Cost?

    Typically, our bespoke websites range between £6,000 and £17,000.

    As with the timeline, there’s no fixed answer for the precise cost. When you request a charity web design we’ll connect to discuss the scope of your project and your goals for your charity’s website.  During the discussion we’ll ask you questions to assess and outline a tailored solution and provide you with a final specific quote.

    How quick is your response time?

    We work to respond to your queries within 1 working day and are often able to investigate and resolve any queries raised within that time. Our client support is prompt, friendly, and solution focused. We take a friendly can-do approach to client queries and appreciate the need to resolve issues within hours instead of weeks.

    Do you really provide services for free?

    We are mindful of the financial constraints that charities can face and go the extra mile to enable you to use your money where it is needed most. To this end, we provide consulting services, minor modifications, website backups, and security upgrades free of charge for our charity web design clients.