Public Sector Tenders Case Study

Public Sector Tenders is a UK provider of tender alert services that enables businesses across the UK to find a tender across the public sector. They provide a service that makes it easier and simpler for suppliers and businesses to find public sector contracts to bid for by alerting them when relevant contracts and tenders are published.

With a range of clients that encompasses multinational companies, UK-wide businesses, regional companies as well as 2-person businesses, Public Sector Tenders has helped businesses of all sizes and across a range of sectors to learn about and bid for contracts and tenders in the public sector.

We worked very closely with the team at Public Sector Tenders on this project and enjoyed working with them.

What Fipe Did

Our work on the project encompassed a broad range of services including branding, logo design, graphic design, website design, website development, WordPress CMS, SEO & Digital Marketing.

As always, our approach to the project was cooperative with frequent communication and collaboration between the client and our in-house team (designers, developers and marketing) throughout the entire duration of the project. This was crucial to the success of the project, ensuring it was delivered on time and the project objectives and scope were met.

The website was built using WordPress, an open-source content management systems (CMS). Open source software is free to use, does not require the purchase of a license and as a consequence can help our clients to minimise the costs of running the website.

Branding & Logo Design:

For the branding, we undertook a comprehensive process that involved defining the brand, its’ mission and values, guidelines, identity, logo, communicating the values, personality and characteristics of the company as well as its’ unique place in the sector. This resulted in the creation of a distinct design, identity and consistent messaging for the company that resonates with their audience, helps to build recognition, trust and fidelity.

Web Design:

Fipe web design creates customised web designs that provides an optimal user experience on every device by seamlessly blending aesthetic appeal with functionality. For Public Sector Tenders, this involved creating and styling the look and feel of the website interface, responsive web deign to ensure that the website adapts and displays correctly across various screen sizes and devices, the use of interactive elements to enhance user engagement and interaction with the website.

Web Development:

The development of the website involved custom front-end & back-end code (based on the approved design) to integrate the features and functionality, installation of WordPress CMS, performance optimisation, cross-browser compatibility tests and various other tests.

We also provided consultancy services and continue to maintain the website on an ongoing basis. With free maintenance and support, we’ve got you covered so you don’t have to sweat the small (or big) stuff – from website security to consultations.

What Public Sector Tenders Said

“Excellent, amazing work. The team at Fipe Digital were very knowledgeable, experienced, flexible, resourceful and full of imaginative ideas and solutions to the challenges on the project. They were very patient, understanding and industrious. Such a joy to work with.”